Donkey Time Blurtso Giveaway Competition

Donkey Time Blurtso Giveaway Competition

Blurtso the donkeyWelcome to the Donkey Time Blurtso Giveaway Competition!

Exclusive to Donkey Time! An exciting, one-time-only chance to win some very special prizes, courtesy of author, illustrator and creator of the adorable and philosophical webcomic character Blurtso the donkey, Alan Davison.

UPDATE 1st October 2018:

Thank you to everyone who entered the Donkey Time Blurtso Giveaway Competition, helping to make it a huge success!

I am delighted to announce the winners as follows:    


Helga-Liz Haberfellner in France


Jana Appleyard (and Pano the donkey) in Croatia


Marilyn Lewis in Wales

Helga-Liz, you have won four Blurtso the donkey books and a Blurtso Mood Donkey plush toy. Jana and Marilyn, you have each won a Blurtso Mood Donkey plush toy.

Thanks again to Alan Davison, creator of Blurtso the donkey. Please check out the Blurtso books and lots of amazing gifts, all with very reasonable international postage, at


“Blurtso fulfills his potential”

blurtso the donkey

The ability to fulfill your potential,
depends entirely on your definition of fulfillment.


A stunning collection of four brand new, beautifully illustrated books and one brand new Blurtso Mood Donkey plush toy. The high-quality, colourful and original pictures in the Blurtso books will entertain children of all ages, while the philosophical stories will appeal to kids from 8 years old and adults alike…

donkey books

To Bray or Not to Bray Blurtso is a philosophical, good-natured donkey with a weakness for pumpkin pie. In this first volume, Blurtso and his friend Harlan the elephant try to make sense of human beings and the modern world. Includes over 100 black and white illustrations by the author.

donkey books

Blurtso Goes Around and Comes Around Follow the continuing adventures of Blurtso the donkey and Harlan the elephant. In this volume Blurtso becomes a guru and teaches tai chi and meditation to the residents of his Clippety Clop Animal Shelter, travels to Hollywood in search of a talking horse, and his stickball team wins the Boston city championship.

alan davison books

On Walden Pond Follow Pablo and Bonny the donkeys as they go into the woods to live like Henry David Thoreau, while Blurtso the donkey and Harlan the elephant found their own university. With 200+ color illustrations.


blurtso books Alan Davison

Blurtseau Lundif Blurtso the donkey’s alter ego, Blurtseau Lundif, an eighteenth century French pirate donkey, sails the Mediterranean in search of fortune and fame. Exiled by the king, Blurtseau is forced to make his way as a pirate. Illustrated with over 300 drawings by the author.


Blurtso Mood Donkey
Blurtso Mood Donkeys


One brand new Blurtso Mood Donkey plush toy.

Please note: the Blurtso plush toy comes only with eyes and nostrils on his face, you need a pair of scissors and some electrical tape to alter his moods!

Find plenty more products relating to Blurtso the donkey, including mugs, clothes, bags, cards, stationery, phone accessories, calendars, wrapping paper, ornaments, toys and more at BlurtsoBarn!

Blurtso the donkey

Harlan was talking a lot about mindfulness yesterday. I wonder what he meant? I wonder if it’s anything like stomachfulness? I’ll have to ask him the next time I see him, if I’m not too focused on the present to remember.

Blurtso the donkey

Occasionally, I free my mind to the day, I feel the sounds, the colors, the breeze, and I remember this day, which is every day, a lifetime.

Blurtso the donkey

Blurtso the donkey and Harlan the elephant


  1. This competition is open to followers of the Donkey Time blog anywhere in the world, aged 18 and over, excluding the promoter, the sponsor and their family members. To follow the blog, enter your email address in the Follow Blog via Email box on any page of the website, and then click the Follow button.
  2. By entering this competition, you agree to provide your full name and postal address so that Donkey Time can send you your prize if you win. These details will not be shared with any third party or used for any other purpose.
  3. By entering this competition, you agree to allow Donkey Time to publish your name on the Donkey Time website and Facebook page, if you are one of the winners.
  4. Entries must be submitted using the form on this page. Entries submitted via Facebook, email or using the main Donkey Time contact form will not be counted.
  5. Only one entry per person is permitted. Duplicate entries will not be counted.
  6. The deadline for entries is 10pm UK time (5pm USA EST) on Friday 28th September 2018.
  7. Entries submitted after the deadline will not be counted.
  8. Donkey Time will select the winners at random.
  9. Winners will receive a notification email within five days of the deadline and will have five days to respond, in order to claim their prize. After five days, if a winner has not responded, a new winner will be selected.
  10. Once confirmed, the winners will be announced on the Donkey Time website and Facebook page.

If you have any questions regarding the competition, please contact Donkey Time at

Best of luck!

Copyright 2018 Amy Swift

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