World Donkey Day 2020

World Donkey Day 2020

World Donkey Day 2020

It’s 8th May, which means… it’s World Donkey Day!

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So, what is World Donkey Day?

According to Days of the Year, it was the idea of Raziq Ark, a scientist with a special interest in desert animals. In 2018, World Donkey Day was established, in recognition of the efforts of the humble donkey in helping people all over the world improve their quality of life.

To me, World Donkey Day is an opportunity to celebrate the huge contribution donkeys have made throughout history, highlight the amazing work of donkey rescue centres, and raise awareness of the valuable role donkeys play as therapy animals.  

What does World Donkey Day mean to you?

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18 thoughts on “World Donkey Day 2020

    1. I would love to hear more about this, Ness. Do you have a website of the work you do with donkeys as a reiki practitioner? I would love to read up on the work and results.


  1. I was filled with the Spirit of God to use a donkey for therapy, her name is Junebug , Purchased her at 4 months old and been training her. She has been therapy for many since, and including myself. i love this site and shared with many . junebug is anointed in the mission the Lord has put her on. We share the stories in the Bible and seems to touch many hearts.

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  2. This is a great idea to remember on donkeys! They are often forgotten and neglected due to the fact that there are not further needed in the western world for them for working. Many people do not know that they are still very important in underdeveloped countries. So, this is a great opportunity to raise awareness for their inportance and their needs!

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  3. I tried to put on the World Donkey Day Facebook page the background to World Donkey Day, but I have horrendous difficulties with Facebook, and also with Outlook, so I wasn’t able to get my message out to many. Razix Ark (actually Raziq Kakar, actually a camel specialist) is much better at such things than I am, so has been helping. Have I got an email address for you ? That is probably the best way for me to send some background account of World Donkey Day.

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    1. Hello Peta, great to hear from you! You can email me at – I look forward to your message, it would be great to learn more about World Donkey Day, and share it with others….Best wishes, Amy


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