World Donkey Day 2021

World Donkey Day 2021

John and Nedzr, Co Kilkenny, Ireland. Photo: Kim O Meara

8th May is World Donkey Day!

8 Reasons to Celebrate World Donkey Day…

  1. For thousands of years, donkeys have made a huge contribution to trade, transporting goods, materials and people over long distances, drawing water from wells, cultivating vineyards and turning grain and water mills
  2. Donkeys are still relied upon by millions of families in some of the world’s poorest countries, providing essential transport and access to water
  3. Donkeys have helped us in times of crisis, such as wars, rescuing wounded soldiers, and carrying equipment and provisions over rough terrain that vehicles and horses can’t manage
  4. Donkeys are used in many leisure and sport activities, including trekking, racing, riding, driving and showing
  5. Donkeys make excellent therapy animals, due to their calm, sociable and and sensitive nature
  6. Donkeys are intelligent – it’s no use rushing a donkey, they need to think things through and make up their own minds!
  7. Donkeys are full of character – they bring joy and happiness to people of all ages
  8. Global donkey populations are under serious threat from the brutal donkey skin trade. SIGN THE LATEST PETITION HERE.


Copyright 2021 Amy Swift

8 thoughts on “World Donkey Day 2021

  1. My husband and I have Heavenly Hee Haw Therapy. We take our miniature donkey (Junebug) to churches and give a message about donkeys in the Bible and how an important role they play in the life of Jesus. We also take her to nursing homes and Bible groups for children. I loved the photos and all your information about these soulful creatures of God.

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  2. Thank you for the lovely montage in celebration of World Donkey Day! No creature is more deserving of this recognition! And thank you Donkey Wise for doing so much to promote donkeys!

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