A Golden Book Offer!

A Golden Book Offer!

The Golden Ass


Donkey Wise is back, with an AMAZING offer for you!

W.W. Norton has published an exciting new translation of one of the world’s earliest novels – The Golden Ass by Apuleius.

Edited by philosopher and author of Animal Liberation, Peter Singer, and translated by Apuleius scholar, Ellen Finkelpearl.

A comic tale about a man whose curiosity about magic results in him being turned into a donkey. The adventures of Lucius are highly entertaining, and reveal Apuleius’s remarkable empathy for animals.

Includes a special essay by Singer, examining the ethical significance of the book, and the treatment of animals in Roman times and today.

Illustrated by prize-winning artists Anya and and Varya Kendel, this newly rendered work will be enjoyed by anyone who cares about human and animal life.


W.W. Norton have very kindly offered Donkey Wise followers in the UK and Europe a special member 25% DISCOUNT and FREE SHIPPING on books ordered through their site.

Offer runs from 1st August 2021 to 1st February 2022.


Click on the link here and enter PROMOTION CODE WN782 when prompted at the checkout.


Please note, this special offer only applies to Europe, but if you would still like to purchase the book, you can order your copy here

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Happy reading x

Copyright Amy Swift 2021

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