Tell Amazon to Stop Selling Ejiao

Tell Amazon to Stop Selling Ejiao

Donkeys on an Ejiao farm
Donkeys on an Ejiao farm in China Photo:

Dear Readers,

As our beloved donkeys continue to suffer, Brooke USA are asking people to send an email to new CEO Andy Jassy, asking Amazon to stop selling Ejiao products on its platforms.

PLEASE ACT NOW and share widely. Brooke’s goal is 10,000 emails sent to Amazon.

Thank you!


Dear Mr. Jassy, When one thinks of animals under threat due to human cruelness, one thinks of rhinos, tigers, sharks, and elephants. The donkey is surely not among them. However, the donkey is rapidly being slaughtered close to extinction; in fact, a recent report by the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO) show that donkeys will have vanished from Africa by the year 2023.

Hundreds of these animals are sold every week for their hides, causing wild donkeys to disappear, and robbing citizens of rural communities across Africa of their main source to make a living. Donkeys fetch water at far away rivers, transport goods to market for sale so that owners can make a living, and even deliver children to school.

Donkey hides are used to produce “Ejiao”, which is used in traditional Chinese medicine and beauty products. “Ejiao” is made from the gelatin produced from donkey hides. The demand for donkey hides from China is around 8–10 million hides per year but annual supply in China is less than 1.8 million. With their donkey population dwindling, demand has led to a search for a new supply of hides. The demand for donkey hides has caused an explosion of donkey smuggling and slaughtering across Africa to capitalize on this awful industry. 

Kenya is now an epicenter for the trade, and it is having devastating effects on the donkey population and on the families, who depend on their donkeys for survival. In Kenya, up to 1,000 donkeys a day can be slaughtered, more than 300,000 a year. This does not account for those that are killed illegally and often slaughtered in the bush or street just outside their owners’ property.

Demands from China for Ejiao is a global concern, and a crisis in Africa where thousands of donkeys are being stolen, smuggled, and slaughtered to meet the increasing demand for their hides. This is impoverishing poor families who rely on the labor of their donkeys to survive, as well as creating unacceptable welfare conditions for these animals.

It is estimated that 4.8 million donkey hides a year are needed to satisfy the demand for Ejiao. At the current rate, the global donkey population of 44 million will soon have diminished by 50%.

Every animal species deserves protection from extinction, not just the ones deemed “majestic.” 

Please require that Amazon ban the sale of Ejiao from its website platform; a leading provider of this awful product to citizens in the United States and all over the world. 

As a global corporate leader, Amazon should set an example and protect donkeys from slaughter and extinction. Our hope is that very soon, members of Congress also take a stand and halt the import of Ejiao in the United States. 

I request that you support this life saving initiative. Amazon states that it is committed to supporting our planet’s wellbeing, a philosophy that includes both wild and these economically essential working animals. Please put action into your words.

Sincerely, (include your name)

Brooke is also running an ONLINE PETITION. You can sign here.

You can read more about the Ejiao trade in my 2016 article here.

Copyright Amy Swift 2021

13 thoughts on “Tell Amazon to Stop Selling Ejiao

  1. wrote him and signed the petition. I also spread it to my friends and hope of some support from Germany. It is frightening what happen to donkeys and the people who rely on them just because of the superstition and profit seeking of others.

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  2. I emailed Amazon and I signed the petition. I did share with folks on my email contacts. I am not on social media.

    Thanks for all you do! Andrea League

    Sent from Outlook


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  3. HR5203 is a new bill to stop the sells of Ejiao Products in the US. Please call your elected officials and tell them to Co/Sponsor the bill HR5203 to stop the slaughter in Africa. 1000s a day are being brutally slaughtered.

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  4. Just sent an email to Amazon. Thank you for informing us about this horrific situation. I also included a picture of my donkey Melody. Hopefully seeing her face will reach into their soul of compassion.

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