Donkey Sanctuary Survey

Donkey Sanctuary Survey

Donkey sized stable door[4799]Are you a UK donkey owner? If so, then The Donkey Sanctuary would love to hear from you!

The Donkey Sanctuary is inviting all donkey owners in the UK, including guardians, private homes, small and large scale commercial owners, to take part in their Donkeys in the Community Survey.

The aim of the survey is to establish where donkeys and mules are in the UK, what their roles are, and how easy it is for people to access resources and professional support, such as vets, farriers, dental technicians, educational literature and other support from equine organisations such as The Donkey Sanctuary.

They are keen to learn more about your experiences and would like to know how you find support with your donkeys when you need it.

The survey is quick and easy to fill out and all responses will be completely anonymous.

To take part simply click on the link below:

Donkeys in the Community Survey 

On behalf of The Donkey Sanctuary – thank you for your help!

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About The Donkey Sanctuary…

The Donkey Sanctuary was founded in 1969 by Elisabeth Svendsen, MBE. Since then, it has made a profound difference to the lives of donkeys and people all over the world.

Over the past five years, the charity has provided sanctuary to over 7000 animals, and attended over 1300 welfare complaints.

The Donkey Sanctuary currently works and supports projects in 38 countries and has placed nearly 1900 donkeys in foster homes in the UK and mainland Europe.

The Donkey Sanctuary’s vision is a world where donkeys and mules live free from suffering and their contribution to humanity is fully valued.

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The Donkey Diet

The Donkey Diet

Donkeys Eating
Photo: Kendra Bond at Peace for Ponies

Ask ten donkey owners how they feed their donkeys and you’ll get ten different answers.

Some search for low sugar hay and dutifully test each new batch, while others just use whatever they can get hold of.

Some happily let their donkeys graze freely all year round, ignoring the cries of fellow donkey owners that all that grass could kill them. Yet, their donkeys are the picture of health.

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Safe Plants for Donkeys

Safe Plants for Donkeys

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It’s great to give donkeys access to a wide range of plants and herbs in addition to their main diet. It can have numerous health benefits and mirrors how they feed in the wild. Donkeys enjoy foraging and they are mostly pretty good at finding the nutrients they need.  
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What Treats Can I Give My Donkeys?

What Treats Can I Give My Donkeys?

donkey treats

“Spoil your donkey with love, not treats”, Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue, USA

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A Beginner’s Guide to Donkey Trekking

A Beginner’s Guide to Donkey Trekking

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