Donkey Trekking Australasia

donkey trekking australia
Wilderness Expeditions Australia

Donkey Trekking Australasia


  • Training is provided on how to look after your donkey
  • Your donkey doesn’t carry you, just your luggage
  • Your donkey can carry a small child for limited periods
  • Your donkey should carry no more than 40kg
  • Your donkey will need regular breaks, with shade
  • Your donkey will need access to clean drinking water
  • Your donkey will need suitable accommodation at night
  • You donkey will need hay in the morning and evening




Wilderness Expeditions
Wilderness Expeditions, Cape York and Northern Australia

Wilderness Expeditions, Cape York and Northern Australia 


Trekking with Pack Donkeys: Trained and experienced pack donkeys carry your bags across the roughest terrain fully supervised by an interpretative guide and packer/driver. Use of donkeys enables us to explore remote and rugged areas of Lower Cape York and the Atherton Tablelands of Far North Queensland. A range of short, medium and extended walks, treks and expeditions are offered. Walks are suitable for adults of all ages and children above 9 years. Treks of one day up to 28 days.  

Destiny Boonah Eco Cottages & Donkey Farm, Wallaces Creek

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The Donkey Shop
The Donkey Shop. Yarra State Forest Photo: Steve Tanner, courtesy of News Corp Australia

The Donkey Shop, Yarra State Forest 


Led trail rides through the Yarra State Forest. Children sit in a saddle and have reins to hold and Linda walks alongside. Walks are an hour or two. Suitable for adults and children but adults don’t ride and there are weight limits. No riding experience necessary. Along the walk you will see rich, thick and beautiful Australian bush. Often you will see lovely birds, black cockatoos, fantails, lyrebirds and sometimes wallabies or goannas. It really is an Australian experience which allows you to absorb the country at a liesurely pace. 

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Garden Reserve & Donkeys
Highfield Garden Reserve & Donkeys, Algies Bay, Auckland

Highfield Garden Reserve & Donkeys, Algies Bay, Auckland Donkeys living at Highfield Garden Reserve began Nov 1969, with the arrival of Tilly, purchased by owners of the land, Ted & Alison Roberts. The donkeys enjoy offerings of carrots, apples and silverbeet as treats. The Community is encouraged to enjoy the Reserve and the donkeys, but are reminded that the donkeys are wild animals and must be respected and care must be taken particularly with small children. Donkey Inc membership is $10 per annum and volunteers are always welcome.  Tel: Peter Caccia-Birch 425 6640

You can access the Highfield Garden Reserve either from the the main road (signposted) or from the Algies Bay beach front car park on Gordon Craig Place. From the beach, you’ll head north along the coastline following the markers, up the many steps to the lookout for fabulous views across Kawau Bay and a thigh workout. Allow around 60 minutes for the stroll.

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Please note: Trekking venues are subject to change. Please check for up-to-date information before travelling. Donkey Wise cannot accept any responsibility for bookings made using links on this page. 

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