Donkey Trekking Europe

Donkey Trekking
Pedro, Donkey Tours Algarve

Donkey Trekking Europe

Donkey trekking options include easy and challenging walks, with or without a guide. You can walk for half a day, a whole day or for several days, staying in lodgings or camping under the stars. Donkey owners can organise your holiday or you can plan your own trip. Search below for treks to suit all ages and abilities. 


  • Training is provided on how to look after your donkey
  • Your donkey doesn’t carry you, just your luggage
  • Your donkey can carry a small child for limited periods
  • Your donkey should carry no more than 40kg
  • Your donkey will need regular breaks, with shade
  • Your donkey will need access to clean drinking water
  • Your donkey will need suitable accommodation at night
  • You donkey will need hay in the morning and evening

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Donkey Trekking France

Donkey Trekking Italy

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The Donkey Farm Romania
The Donkey Farm, Reussdorf (Cund), Romania

The Donkey Farm Reussdorf (Cund) near Sighisoara (Schässburg) 

The Donkey Farm is a former farmhouse converted into a tranquil, romantic cottage-style holiday home by owner Christian Harfmann, using traditional craft methods. The house is on the outskirts of the village and the animals graze right next door. In the garden there is a covered seating area and sun terrace. The gentle hilly landscape, with deciduous forests, fields and sheep pastures, begins on your doorstep. Enjoy donkey trekking, guided day trips and visits at the farm.  

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Esel Reich, Halltal Mariazell, Austrian Alps

IA Austria Interessengemeinschaft Österreichischer Eselfreunde

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donkey trekking spain
Burros-trekking, Basque Country

Burros-Trekking Basque Country

Burros-trekking have been organising donkey treks in the north of Spain, Basque Country and Navarra for ten years. You can chose treks to suit your holiday, usually between 5 and 10 days. Walk with a donkey and enjoy stunning views, picturesque mountains, deserts, plains and villages steeped in history, along routes including the Camino Ignaciano and Camino de Santiago.

Burrolandia Tres Cantos, Madrid

El Paraiso del Burro (Donkey Paradise)

Arobes, Parres Asturias

Burro Trek, Mare de Deu del Camp Garriguella, Catalonia

Donkey Trekking
Donkey Trekking, Segovia

Away From The Crowds Segovia, Castile y León. Donkey Trekking Holidays – 5 or 7 day family trails or 8 day donkey trekking for grown ups. Delightful walks in the company of a donkey along ancient drove roads and the northern slopes of the Guadarrama Nature Reserve, an area renowned for its wildlife and stunning scenery.

Salto del caballo Donkey Trekking Valencia de Alcantara, Cáceres
Refugio Ecoburropark, Valencia

Refugio Ecoburropark Vall d’Ebo, Alicante, Valencia 

Asociación ecoburropark organiza rutas con burras y mulos en el medio rural de la Vall d’Ebo. Refugio ecoburropark te ofrece poder usar el refugio para tu evento, tu aniversario, tu picnic, tu fiesta, desconectar, punto de salida para senderismo, siesta o dormir en el refugio y mucho mas cosas que quieres organizar rodeado de naturaleza, animales (burros, mulos, gallinas, ocas…)


Macronesian Eco Suites Caves Tenerife

Eco suite cave is situated on a large farm with accommodation, pool area and gardens available for guests. Our eco-friendly housing has been built with respect for the environment. The cave house has a contemporary interior with modern amenities. Situated on the edge of the Anaga rural park, biosphere reserve is ideal for any traveller looking for a new experience. 

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Donkey trekkng
Project Sanctuary Happy Donkeys

Project Sanctuary Happy Donkeys The Algarve 

Unique Donkey Walks for adults and young nature lovers in the most beautiful areas of the Serra de Monchique, Algarve. Walk along rivers and mountains with a group of free donkeys, enjoying magnificent views and local birds, deer, wild boar and turtles. Walks of one hour to a full day.

Donkeys and Arts Costa Vicentina

Donkeymotion Barão São João, West-Algarve

Ânes Sans Frontières Circuit Âne 5 jours Sud-Portugal. Parc Naturel “Vicentina”, Côte Atlantique en Algarve.

Pedro Donkey Tours Algarve
Pedro, Donkey Tours Algarve

Donkey Tours Algarve 

Donkey Tours Algarve logo

Paderne, Albufeira. Guided excursions for a whole day or half a day. We visit Paderne’s 18th century town well, lush river, medieval bridge and historic castle, at a leisurely Donkey pace. After enjoying a relaxing picnic with coastal views, we walk through orange and olive groves to get back to the sanctuary. Or take the Kid’s Tour: The friendly donkeys take us on an exciting trip through beautiful fields ending in ancient Arabic village. Suitable for children from 7 -12 years old. 

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Family walks with donkeys
A Pas d’Âne, Leglise

A Pas d’Âne Leglise

Promenades familiales avec des ânes. A la découverte des ânes en Ardenne. Pour les amoureux de la nature, des promenades et des animaux, à 10 minutes de la forêt d’Anlier, dans une nature encore préservée, nous vous accueillons pour vous faire découvrir des animaux mal connus, victimes depréjugés négatifs et d’une réputation injustifiée.  

Ânes et Co Walcourt 

Nous organisons sur réservation des balades accompagnées dans la belle région des lacs de l’Eau d’Heure. Laissez vous guider pour une merveilleuse balade au pas de l’âne à travers nos forêts, nos lacs et nos campagnes.Balade accompagnée d’une demi journée à une journée (3-12 km). Balade accompagnée d’une demi heure à deux heures. 


Mi-La-Mi”ânes Educational projects and activities for children, song-walks, storytelling, games, confidence building, motor skills, learning about donkeys and equipement, training courses, help for new donkey owners and walking with donkeys. Special events such as birthdays also catered for.

Aktiv-Esel Liege.

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Ezelopvangstichting de Grote ezel Boxbergerweg, Olst

donkey trekking
Stichting de Ezelshoeve, Baarle – Nassau

Stichting de Ezelshoeve Baarle – Nassau. Openingstijden: maandag t/m zaterdag van 10:00 tot 16:30 uur. BEZOEK OP AFSPRAAK! 

Foundation Donkey Farm is a shelter for neglected, abused, sick and old donkeys from the Netherlands and Belgium. The Foundation offers these donkeys a safe and loving future and strives to find them a new home. In addition, the Foundation offers donkey care advice to potential owners. 

donkey trekking
Margometezel, Ommen

Margometezel Ommen. “Donkeys live completely in the present. Walking with a donkey you experience life completely and properly. You get more connected with yourself, the animal and the environment. You forget your daily stresses, worries and concerns.”

Donkey hikes for small groups of 1-5 up to groups of 25. Training included. Walks for a minumum of 3 hours up to of 5-6 hours. Donkey Walking Weekends offer 2 days walking, back and forth to a farm B&B. Walking distance 15-18 km per day. The route goes through the Vechtdal to Rheeze, or to the Reestdal ending up in Nolde. 

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Fields of Freedom Aarup

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Håcknesta Gård Nyköping

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Donkey Trekking Kefalonia
Donkey Trekking Kefalonia

Donkey Trekking Kefalonia Sami, Kefalonia. Walks with donkeys for between 1 hour and 6 hours. Enjoy amazing views over the bay of Sami, evergreen valleys, pine forests and olive groves and dive into the history of the island.

Walk With Donkeys Crete

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Please note: Trekking venues are subject to change. Please check for up-to-date information before travelling. Donkey Wise cannot accept any responsibility for bookings made using links on this page. 

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