Donkey Trekking South America

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Piedra Grande, Argentina Photo courtesey of

Donkey Trekking South America 


  • Training is provided on how to look after your donkey
  • Your donkey doesn’t carry you, just your luggage
  • Your donkey can carry a small child for limited periods
  • Your donkey should carry no more than 40kg
  • Your donkey will need regular breaks, with shade
  • Your donkey will need access to clean drinking water
  • Your donkey will need suitable accommodation at night
  • You donkey will need hay in the morning and evening

Andes Travel Agency Mules, llamas and small horses are more common than donkeys in the Andes but all can be hired in most areas, to help carry your equipment. Donkeys can each carry 40kg, mules and horses up to 60kg, llamas as little as 25kg. Prices vary from as little as $20-$25 per day in Peru and Bolivia to $50-$80 per day in Chile and Argentina, where they can also be much harder to find, except in popular areas such as Aconcagua. 

Pictured above is a walk with donkeys to Piedra Grande in northwest Argentina, near the village of Cachi. You may also find donkeys in the Cordillera Huayhuash mountain range and the village of Miraflores in the Cordillera Central in Peru. 

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Donkey Trekking
Trekking in Peru Photo:

Trekking in Peru: A Self-guided tour of the Cordillera Blanca 

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