Donkey Websites & Blogs

Donkey Websites and Blogs

Donkey Websites & Blogs 


The Donkey Sanctuary Leading charitable organisation devoted to the welfare of donkeys, based in Devon, England. Founded in 1969, The Donkey Sanctuary has projects worldwide and provides expert advice on all aspects of donkey welfare.  

Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue The largest donkey rescue organisation in the United States, with adoption centres across the country, providing safe and loving homes for abused, neglected donkeys and wild burros under threat of destruction.  

Wild Burro Project Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue division devoted to the protection of wild burros at risk, with a vast nationwide network of ranch facilities, transportation hubs, training centres, sanctuaries and adoption centres across the USA.  

The Dancing Donkey Informative and entertaining blog from small farm and donkey owner Kris Maxwell, with beautiful pictures. 

Angelia Silvera
Angelia Silvera, The Donkey Listener, USA

The Donkey Listener Lots of resources on donkey care and training, including safe handling, driving and riding and hiking with donkeys, from Tennessee-based donkey trainer Angelia Silvera. Also check out The Donkey Listener YouTube Channel.

The Sassy Ass Fun and informative blog from donkey loving owners in the USA.

Harts Horsemanship Website Ben Hart is one of the UK’s leading equine trainers. He works with horses, mules and donkeys all over the world and his scientific approach has been used successfully by UK equine charities including WSPA, The Brooke and The Donkey Sanctuary.

Equine Behaviour and Training Association An online resource for anyone interested in equine behaviour, from novice owners to academics. 

Straight From The Horse’s Heart A fascinating and varied blog page featuring news and stories on the plight of native wild horses and burros from the book’s author R.T. Fitch and assorted other writers and parties tied to improving the welfare of American equines.


Wild Horse & Burro Radio An educational outreach program of Wild Horse Freedom Federation. Guests have included experts on wild horse and burro issues in the U.S. and other countries, and on diverse equine topics including the donkey-hide industry. All shows are archived as a resource for public education.

Donkey Rescue World Facebook page raising awareness of current and serious donkey welfare issues around the world. 

David C. Duncan Facebook page of David C. Duncan, contributor at Donkey Rescue World, former vice-president of Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue, USA and Global Donkey Welfare Advocat – casting a keen and analytical eye on international donkey welfare news. 

Equine Enrichment Facebook page created by Alice Robinson, groom at RSPCA Lockwood Centre for Donkeys and Horses, to share ideas and explore ways to enrich the lives of our equine companions.

Empowered Equines 


Positive Reinforcement and Clicker Training articles and advice. Lessons and training offered to anyone interested in Positive Reinforcement for horses. Currently building a program to incorporate therapy for survivors of trauma, horses and humans alike. York, Maine.

A Donkumentary
Jess – That Ranch Life

That Ranch Life, A Donkumentary of City-Turned-Country-Livin’ Beautifully written blog on caring for donkeys and dealing with anxiety from Jess, who left the big city life and moved to a small ranch in North Texas where she fosters donkeys for Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue, the largest donkey rescue organisation in America. 

The Adventures of EmmaKate Follow Katherine Bell Butler in Georgia as she makes the transition from show jumping and race horses to owning and training a mammoth donkey called EmmaKate. 

Donkey Whisperer Farm Online coaching, consulting and training and regular blog posts.

Foghorn Farm Blogspot Straight talking and extremely informative articles for donkey owners and trainers from Rachel Karneffel, donkey trainer at Forghorn Farm Donkey Training in Wellington, Colorado. 

For The Love of Donkeys Popular Facebook page sharing uplifting donkey photos and posts from around the world. 

Lewis the Donkey “A little donkey with a big mission of helping others, Lewis is a registered therapy animal and visits people of all ages.” Website of author and donkey owner Kim Sullivan, George Town, Texas.

Donkey Trainer Meredith Hodges
Meredith Hodges, Alberta Donkey and Mule Society

Lucky Three Ranch The online home of famous equine trainer Meredith Hodges and her champion mules and donkeys. Comprehensive explanations on nutrition, general managment, behaviour, tack, showing, breeding and care. Plus equine news, books, videos and training packages.   

Benson Ranch Cindy Benson breeds Miniature Donkeys on a large farm in Oregon and she has written some useful articles on feeding, social needs, looking after weanlings, housing and training (including catching, tying and putting a halter on). 

Flash the Donkey Website and blog of Rachel Anne Ridge, author of Flash “the stray donkey that showed up on the Ridge fam ily’s doorstep and never left”.

The Blurtso Chronicles Fun blog from Alan Davison, author of To Bray or Not To Bray and Blurtso Goes Around and Comes Around, based on the delightful, amusing and philosophical cartoon donkey Blurtso. 

The Donkey Archives The purpose of this Blog is to circulate information about donkeys and mules. This is a space to post articles, photos and information about these fantastic animals. If someone wants to send stories, articles, photos or information, email:

Donkeys For Africa A communication portal promoting the welfare of donkeys throughout Africa by providing networking opportunities for welfare agencies and for people working with donkeys. 

Woolshed 1 Website and blog by agricultural journalist Dr Clive Dalton – article on basic donkey senses, social structure and communication.

donkeys Croatia
Donkey Marina in Croatia Photo: Travels With Tricia

Travels With Tricia Travel blog featuring incredible people, places, and passion around the world, including several posts about donkeys!

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Les Cahiers de l’Ane Le magazine Les Cahiers de l’Âne est spécialisé dans l’éducation des ânes, ânesses, mules, mulets et dans la santé de l’âne, ânesse, ânon, mule, mulet ou muleton. Ni cheval, ni poney le comportement de l’âne ou de la mule, de même que l’élevage et la santé des ânes et mulets diffèrent: le pied de l’âne, les maladies, la reproduction, l’alimentation de l’âne, de l’ânesse gestante, les soins des ânesses et ânons. Vous découvrirez aussi l’attelage avec un âne, la traction animale avec des ânes ou des mulets, la randonnée avec un âne bâté, l’équitation montée… Retrouvez sur Asinerie du Net de nombreuses informations sur les ânes et les mulets: les différentes races, leurs utilisations, leur histoire, le forum, les petites annonces, l’élevage, la randonnée avec un animal de bât, l’attelage, l’équitation et nos partenaires; professionnels de l’équidé. 

Ane-y-croche Forum de discussion sur l’âne – Comment éduquer, nourrir, loger et soigner son âne. Ce forum a été créé dans le but de vous faire découvrir la possibilité d’une éducation utilisant une approche positive et respectueuse de votre âne. Les explications et conseils donnés, ici, ne sont là que pour vous orienter et vous informer des possibilités qui vous sont offertes pour éduquer votre compagnon aux longues oreilles.

FL’ Ânier en Belgique Qui sommes nous? Amoureux des ânes depuis des années nos passionnés ont voulu mettre à votre disposition une plateforme pour partager des évènements, des questions, des photos et un forum autour de l’âne. Rassembler les passionnés, partager, s’associer, découvrir, s’informer, débattre, publier… Notre but est d’être ensemble sans obligation juste pour le plaisir.

Alm-Ass-Ach Educational site on matters donkey-related, including feed, behaviour and health.

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Etología Aplicada Es un espacio para compartir conocimientos y promover el bienestar de los burros del mundo, a traves del estudio del comportamiento del Equus Asinus.

In English: Applied Ethology Donkey Behavior and Management is a space to share knowledge and promote welfare of donkeys through the study of behaviour of Equus Asinus. Articles on the history, nature, communication, senses, behaviour and physiology of the donkey by Mexican blogger Mauro Madariaga.

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