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Family with donkey in Mozambique

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Animal Care in Egypt
Animal Care in Egypt, Luxor

Animal Care in Egypt, Luxor


ACE helps improve the lives of local communities and the welfare of their working animals, by easing and preventing the suffering of those, and all animals through provision of sustainable veterinary treatment and education programmes for local people.

“ACE seems to be a fantastic organisation devoted to education around and promotion of ethical treatment of animals in Upper Egypt. We were given a short guided tour, which showed us (amongst other things) the animal showers, treatment rooms and areas where animals are housed. Accommodation is also available. We briefly met a visiing vet from the UK. Animals at ACE at the time of our visit included various cats, dogs, horses and donkeys. There is a small gift shop, where we were able to buy some Christmas decorations as an alternative way of making a donation. I would highly recommend a visit to ACE”. Visited September 2016. Click here for more visitor reviews.

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The Donkey Sanctuary, Ethiopia “We provide vital veterinary care and community training to make life better for working donkeys and mules. A population of 375,000 donkeys and mules exists within reach of our Ethiopian projects and we currently help over 223,000 each year with your support.”

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Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust, Gambia

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Pendo Donkey Rescue
Edwin at Pendo Donkey Rescue, Narok, with donkey Simon

Pendo Donkey Rescue and Education, Narok, Kenya

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Jarjeer Mule and Donkey Sanctuary
Ellen Cochrane, Volunteer trainer, Jarjeer Mule and Donkey Sanctuary, Marrakesh

Jarjeer Mule and Donkey Sanctuary, Marrakesh, Morocco Charles Hantom and Susan Machin, retired lawyers from the UK, manage the Moroccan Association they established to care for abandoned equines and to provide work for local people. Visitors are welcome either to just enjoy the company of the animals, visit the coffee shop or walk the foothills with a donkey. Rides are available for children under 10 years and if the temperature is below 34C. 

Jarjeer Mule and Donkey Sanctuary
Norman, Jarjeer Mule and Donkey Sanctuary, Marrakesh

“This is a wonderful project that not only helps to improve the lives of animals but also provides the chance for local children with special needs to experience the proven therapy that close animal encounters can offer. The donkeys are all absolutely glowing with health and are so friendly and happy that you can’t help falling in love with them. Jarjeer is set in an incredible location with amazing views and even on a grey, cloudy day it was wonderful to stare out over the horizon and see the panoramic vista unfold.” LaLico, UK 

“Jarjeer is a wonderful place, and probably the best sanctuary for equines that I ever visited. Old and injured donkeys and mules are well cared for, and everyone there is so welcoming and so kind.” Paula Da Silver, Italy

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Eseltjiesrus Donkey Sanctuary
Dental Treatment, Eseltjiesrus Donkey Sanctuary, McGregor

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Eseltjiesrus Donkey Sanctuary, McGregor

Karoo Donkey Sanctuary
Karoo Donkey Sanctuary, Prince Albert, Western Cape

Karoo Donkey Sanctuary, Prince Albert, Western Cape Karoo Donkey Sanctuary is located two kilometers outside the picturesque village of Prince Albert, at the base of the majestic Swartberg Mountains and at the gateway to the Great Karoo region of South Africa. As a wildlife conservancy, our rescued donkeys live the life of Riley, roaming the farm freely during the day, from the fields, to the dam, to the riverbed to the acacia Karoo thicket. The herd ambles home at sunset for their evening feed. The majority of our rescues have come across to us from dire circumstances of being over-worked, abused and malnourished as former beasts of burden in the cart-horse industry in the Western Cape and Karoo regions.

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